School of Phish FAQs

In this series of short videos, Darran Clare, Head of Cyber Security and Training at School of Phish, answers the questions we are most often asked about phishing prevention.

What the
School of Phish

1m 12s
How do School of Phish managed services help organisations protect against phishing attacks?

0m 39s
Why choose School of Phish to manage phishing prevention?

Technology and cyber-aware employees – combined layers of defence

Phishing Video

0m 50s
Can modern security technologies provide complete protection against phishing attacks?

Phishing Video

0m 53s
Technology doesn’t stop all phishing attacks from reaching users. What else must organisations do?

What should be included in a phishing prevention programme

Phishing Video

1m 21s
A phishing prevention programme must provide regular training. What else should be included?

Phishing Video

1m 04s
What, in addition to simulations and training, are included in the School of Phish service?


Phishing Video

0m 52s
How does the School of Phish help people who are working from home?

Why use a managed phishing prevention service

Phishing Video

1m 03s
Companies can buy in a platform to deliver phishing awareness training. Why invest additionally in a managed service?

Phishing Video

1m 30s
IT can purchase a platform that provides awareness training. So why use a managed service from School of Phish?

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