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Improve employee cyber security awareness with a programme of phishing simulations and training

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Comprehensive Phishing Awareness Training



  • Up to 12 Education Campaigns per year + Performance Report


  • Different packages available
  • Branding/Customisation
  • Different content available
  • Designed for all types of employees/suppliers
  • Content tailored to different locations (Office, Home, Shop Floor, etc)
  • Available in different languages


  • Different packages available
  • Ongoing Awareness Training Designed for you
  • New Employee Enrolment
  • Regular communications
  • Content – Emails, newsletters, blogs, videos
  • LMS Platform

Instant Response

  • Immediate Awareness Training on Clicking a Malicious Email

Through our training - we make sure that your employees are:

Phishing Awareness Training


Of the risk and what it means to the team. How to spot the threat and that your organisation cares through recognition and rewards.

Phishing Awareness Training


With content that it is relevant, that is varied and interesting and has value for the team.

Phishing Awareness Training


Constantly receiving new information on the evolving threat and new testing around it.

Phishing Awareness Training


Not only is it good for business, but phishing awareness is a valuable life skill.

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