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School of Phish – fully managed, totally hassle free, phishing prevention & awareness.

  • Our Awareness package includes a Phishing Simulation and Awareness Education Campaign, running regularly throughout the year.
  • Phishing investigation is taken off your plate, with the Outlook Reporter email add-in for employees, followed up by rapid response from our security centre. We also provide automated phishing threat scanning and threat sharing alerts and intelligence as part of our community.

School of Phish Services


Phishing Awareness Training

Awareness Managed Service

Simulation & Awareness Training

Managed Phishing Simulations

  • Understand initial threat threshold
  • Up to 12 Education Campaigns per year + Performance Report
  • Measure, monitor, report user response

Phishing Awareness Training

  • Custom Ongoing Awareness Training
  • New Employee Enrolment
  • Regular communications
  • Content: Emails, newsletters, blogs, videos
  • LMS Platform


  • Different packages available
  • Branding/customisation
  • Different content available
  • Designed for all types of employee/supplier
  • Content Tailored for different environments
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More on awareness training >

Phishing Awareness Training

Response Managed Service

Threat & Incident Response

Managed Incident Response

  • Prevent widespread damage from malicious emails
  • Rapid response to phishing incidents
  • Phishing reporter Outlook add-in for reporting malicious emails
  • Rapid response to threats identified by employees
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Phishing Awareness Training

Customised Managed Service

Tailored for you

For Example…

  • Extended awareness (GDPR, Cyber Tips/Blogs)
  • Custom-built training and video content
  • Security policy compliance
  • Additional languages
  • And more…
  • Customise to meet your specific requirements
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Other cyber security services >

Phishing Simulations

Managed Phishing Simulations

  • Understand your initial threat thresholds
  • Evaluate threats on a regular basis (1 to 12 per year)
  • Measure, monitor and report on user interactions

Managed Incident Response

  • Rapid response to any phishing incidents and reported threats from employees
  • Prevent widespread damage from malicious emails
  • Phishing Reporter Outlook add-ins for users to report malicous emails

Regular Threat Awareness

  • Email Gateway Security Threat Simulations
  • Constant monitoring of current threats
  • Phishing Intelligence (Insights)
  • Threat Intelligence (Dark Web)
  • Threat Sharing Community
Phishing Awareness

Regular Awareness Education

  • Constant improvement via Phishing Simulations
  • Engaging content for employees, contractors, third parties and suppliers
  • LMS Platform, Dashboard & Report Manager
  • Translations into multiple languages
  • Company branding and personalisation

Anti-Phishing Solutions

Fully Managed Phishing Prevention and Phishing Awareness
100% Managed – 100% Certainty

Awareness and Response – How it works

1. Phishing Awareness

Assess and improve phishing prevention, phishing awareness and response >



  • Sign-up
  • Access Azure or Active Directory to enrol users

01. Assess

  • Establish base line and exposure to phishing and current defence
  • Check existing email controls and protection

02. Simulation

  • Determine mass-emails and targeted emails for initial evaluation
  • Agree future campaigns
  • Targeted emails sent to employees and users

Targeted Awareness

  • Direct users that clicked on phishing simulation to awareness content.

Measure Results

  • Measure results and make recommendations

01. Awareness

  • Update the programme and re-target vulnerable groups of users

02. Configurations

  • Respond to threats and make configuration recommendations

03. Policies

  • Improve Security policies and processes

2. Suspicious Email

Reporting and Response >


Email Identified

  • Due to awareness training, an employee spots that an email they have received is suspicious

School of Phish cannot view or obtain potentially
confidential content within emails.


Email Reporting

  • Employee clicks the School of Phish Email Reporter

01. Triage

  • School of Phish’s security team receive details of the email
  • A threat analyst assesses it using our connected tool suite

02. Feedback & Reporting

  • The Employee receives useful feedback. Data is included in regular reporting to the IT department

03. Further Action

  • If further action is required, School of Phish initiate the appropriate Incident Response and update the IT department


  • Threat and response experience are incorporated in customising future policy making, training and processes

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