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Select a Managed Phishing Service for your organisation

By choosing School of Phish, not only will you be instrumental in increasing employee cyber skills and security throughout your organisation, but you’ll be helping to improve productivity, reduce downtime and prevent potential data losses.

We’ll free up your time from tasks like planning and managing training, enabling you to read, understand and act on our expert phishing intelligence and analysis of where your protection stands and how it is improving.

Let us help you find the right package.

Looking for free phishing tools and awareness training to get you started?

Try out our Free Managed Phishing Service.

More than just free phishing tools. We manage and help you improve phishing prevention and awareness:

  • Free phishing simulation and status report
  • Free phishing awareness training for your employees

Want to improve your phishing prevention and awareness?

There are a range of phishing prevention and phishing awareness services to suit all company sizes and budgets.

Speak to us about:

  • A subscription-based Managed Phishing Service Package, or
  • A customisable managed phishing service tailored to meet exactly your needs.

Need to strengthen your threat and incident response?

Vital expertise on hand when incidents occur and ongoing support to assess and act on suspicious activity.

Our service includes:

  • Facility for reporting suspicious emails for assessment and response from our cyber security team
  • Managed incident response team to fully understand and act quickly to minimise the impact when a compromise occurs

Select the Managed Phishing Service to suit your organisation

* More than 250 Users, contact us for a quote.


Managed Phishing Service




  • Phishing Simulation & Report
  • Awareness Education & Report

Managed Phishing Service



per user/mth, billled annually

Simulation &
Awareness Training

  • Phishing Simulations & Reporting
  • Awareness Education & Reporting
  • Outlook Phishing Reporter with automated response

Managed Phishing Service



per user/mth, billled annually

Threat &
Incident Response

  • Outlook Phishing Reporter with cyber security expert response
  • Managed Incident Response
  • Threat and dark web intelligence investigation

Managed Phishing Service



per user/mth, billled annually

Managed Phishing Service


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for you

Extend our Combined service to include, e.g.

  • GDPR Awareness
  • Extended Awareness (Cyber Tips/Blogs)
  • Custom Build Training Content
  • Enhanced Video Content
  • Security Policy Compliance
  • Threat & Dark Web Intelligence
  • LMS Platform Integration
  • Additional Languages
  • Particular requirements, e.g., to suit tender specifications

Fully Customisable Packages - tailored for you

Managed Phishing Service

Large Number of Users

Managed Phishing Service

Additional Languages

Managed Phishing Service

Particular Requirements

Managed Phishing Service

Phishing Awareness Tender Response

School of Phish – Find out more

It is straightforward to get started with a School of Phish service.

We are cyber security and training experts, and are available to discuss your situation and explore the next steps.


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