Additional Cyber Security Consultancy Services from School of Phish

School of Phish can help you with more than just Managed Phishing Awareness and Prevention.

We have a range of services to help you to understand your exposure, test your systems and employee awareness so that you can take more action to improve your overall cybersecurity.

Take action to understand and test your overall cybersecurity before an attack hits your organisation.

Anti-Phishing Resources

Email Security Gateway Testing

Is your email security up to scratch?

Test your email gateway to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities in your email security.

Email security gateway testing simulates real-world next-generation threats to test the email security technologies and configurations you are using.  Our detailed report will identify problems and make recommendations for actions you should take before your organisation is attacked.

Threat Intelligence

Do you know if your emails have been exposed?

Take action to safeguard leaked email accounts and prevent cyberattacks.

With access to the latest threat intelligence, we can help you identify any company email accounts and passwords that have been compromised.  By understanding which emails have been exposed, you can take action to stop phishing attacks in the future.

Human Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Are your employees ready to stop ALL cyber security threats?

Assess your employees’ cyber security awareness and behaviour in response to a threat.

Awareness is not just about phishing!  We can help you to measure all aspects of cyber security awareness, such as handling sensitive data, creating strong passwords, physical security and security when remote working.  by testing staff in realistic scenarios that are personalised to their role or team. 

Penetration Testing

Are you confident that your entire IT infrastructure would stand up to a cyberattack?

Test out the security of your network, application, infrastructure and connected devices.

Our security experts will carry out in-depth penetration testing to uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible within a target area and timeframe. We deliver a report along with security implications and recommendations for resolution.

Cyber Security Assessment

Do you know what impact a cyberattack could have on your organisation?

Understand the effect that a cyberattack could have on your critical business services and assets.

Taking just a few hours of your time, our security experts will identify your company’s security maturity and how your business might be impacted by a cyberattack.  We will discuss existing security controls, internal capabilities and resources you have available to ensure that you can adopt new practices following our full report.

Phishing Awareness

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It is straightforward to get started with a School of Phish service.

We are cyber security and training experts, and are available to discuss your situation and explore the next steps.


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