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Phishing now represents the greatest threat to cyber security for organisations of all sizes. Technology alone cannot solve the problem – some attacks always get through to people. The good news is that with ongoing cyber security awareness training and practice for everyone – and a threat response plan in place – the risk can be dramatically reduced.

Putting this kind of programme in place requires skills typically outside of I.T.; the School of Phish Blog and other Resources give advice and information, and challenge I.T., General Management, HR and Finance, to engage with cyber security awareness and phishing prevention – for the well being of their organisations, customers, suppliers and people.

You can’t “patch” people. Why IT should get help with employee cyber security awareness

Employee cyber security awareness is the last line of defence in countering phishing threats. You can’t “patch” people, but you can use a managed service to help mitigate the phishing security risk.

6 Steps to Cyber Security Awareness across your Organisation

What do you need to do to build a successful cyber security education and awareness programme, and how can you ensure that everyone is on-board and it becomes part of the everyday company culture?

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How do School of Phish managed services help organisations protect against phishing attacks?

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Can modern security technologies provide complete protection against phishing attacks?

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A phishing prevention programme must provide regular training. What else should be included?