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School of Phish was founded by cyber security and digital transformation experts, Accelerate Technologies. The Accelerate leadership team recognised that:

  • phishing is today’s most challenging cyber security risk
  • most employees are not sufficiently well-trained and well-practiced in dealing with phishing attacks
  • responsibility for phishing prevention typically lies with IT departments that don’t have the time, skills and buy-in needed to solve this problem

Accelerate concluded that many organisations have a high risk of losing out financially and reputationally to phishing – and in addition are not adequately helping their employees deal with the risks that they personally face.

To address this, Accelerate Technologies developed, under the School of Phish banner, a suite of managed services that are co-ordinated by cyber security specialists, are easy to onboard, and can be tailored for individual client’s needs.

School of Phish’s Managed Anti-Phishing Service prepares employees for dealing with phishing attacks.

Alongside, the School of Phish Threat Response Service stands ready to deal with attacks as soon as they are reported.

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School of Phish Leadership Team


Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith
Commercial Director

Gavin’s background includes senior business development and product management roles within WAN optimisation, application security and performance. He is also an experienced technology Managing Director, bringing oversight, operational efficiency and relationship management to the School.

Jon Cullum

Jon Cullum
Partnership Director

Jon has in depth experience of managing a large portfolio of IT technologies, and major, complex enterprise environments. A board member of 2 other businesses, he brings strategic and managerial experience to our partner relationships and business operations.


School of Phish work with selected cyber security training content providers and platforms, to deliver best in class solutions for each of our customers.

We also partner with IT service providers and other cyber security organisations, where together we can offer better support to our customers.

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