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Anti-Phishing Solutions

School of Phish take away the worry of phishing prevention, with a fully-managed anti-phishing service

Reduce the risk of phishing to your business and build a phishing awareness culture with:

Awareness Service – employee awareness training & phishing simulations

Response Service – threat and incident response to minimise all impacts

We free-up your time and deliver improved phishing protection, at a fixed, lower cost.

Our Services reduce your risk by up to 90%

Anti-phishing service

Awareness Service

Simulation & Awareness Training for all

Anti-Phishing Service

Employees are trained & aware of the latest threats – based on our intelligence

Anti-Phishing Service

An ongoing programme of testing, reporting & improvement is in place

Response Service

Threat & Incident Response

Anti-Phishing Service

Our specialists investigate & remove all malicious emails from mailboxes

Anti-Phishing Service

Rapid response prevents widespread damage

Customised Service

Tailor our services for your organisation

Combine Awareness and Response services and add to them with enhanced training, threat monitoring, multi-language services etc.

Peace of mind with specialist phishing protection

You may already be running some anti-phishing measures, including employee awareness training,
but are you achieving 10 out of 10 in all areas? Read the 10 Key Benefits of Anti Phishing Training >

Anti-Phishing Service

You’ll know that around 80% of all cyber security threats come via email, with phishing attacks that are constantly evolving and growing.

Allocating IT resources to keep track of new threats and to respond to incidents, is difficult.

Technical tools help, but they are not able to counter phishing on their own. You also need to ensure that employees are kept aware of the latest tactics and are well prepared to spot phishing.

Employee training is not straightforward for most IT departments to manage.

Let School of Phish take care of:


Employee Phishing Awareness

  • Your employee’s education and awareness through regular simulations, testing and anti-phishing training
  • Investigation and personalised feedback on all emails reported as suspicious

Immediate Phishing Threat Response

  • Immediate response to email security threats and incidents
  • Scanning of reported emails to identify and quarantine potential threats

Threat Monitoring & Security Policies

  • Monitoring the phishing threat landscape and keeping you and your employees informed and aware
  • Data security policies – communicated to all employees and recorded for best practice and compliance

Testing &

  • Testing your email security software for vulnerability to the latest attack risks
  • Delivering concise reports on performance and progress with suggestions

Employee Communications

  • Extended awareness – through newsletters, blogs, posters, etc
  • Multi-language training
Anti-Phishing Service
Discover Your Lifesaver

Take your team from minnows to shoal leaders in cyber security


Be Prepared. Be Time Rich.

IT Team – We help you get on top of security with phishing protection. We remove the work burden, deal with suspicious emails, respond more quickly to incidents and improve ongoing security awareness.

HR/Learning & Development – Our anti-phishing training is ready to go and flexible to meet the needs of each employee wherever they are located. We can tailor to your company branding and requirements.

Be Informed. Be Secure.

Employees – Fun and engaging anti-phishing training, awareness and tools to help you spot phish. Your efforts in stopping threats will be making a real contribution to the company culture and business success – and also help you stay safe outside of work.

Executives – A 360 degree anti-phishing service that reduces the risk of financial loss through reduced productivity, downtime and data breaches. You can improve your phishing protection and save costs compared to having your IT team or non-specialist consultants work on phishing prevention.

Anti-Phishing Solutions

…Keep everyone on the team safe, alert and happy!

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